Second Darkness

Something Fishy In The Tunnels

It seems that we own the Gold Goblin now. Or, at least as far as I can understand Riddleport’s bizarre property laws, Rosenstock owns the Gold Goblin since he’s in physical possession of the deed.

I don’t understand the law sometimes.

But there we are. After that terrible fight yesterday, we rested in the relative safely of the Goblin. Eventually, we made some strategic purchases from some nearby shops and decided to follow Saul through the trapdoor. He would undoubtedly have a sizable lead on us, but we might still have a chance to catch him and exact some justice. And if we found some more common criminals and smugglers down there? So much the better.

I feel I should mention that the stench in the wine cellar. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it was. It turns out that the answer was waiting for me below.

We explored the tunnels. We found Saul’s body next to a churning pool. It looks like something else claimed our justice. The pool might have provided some hints, but we left it alone.

We battled several troglodytes in the tunnels. It seems that these creatures are the source of the stench in the wine cellar; but it’s much worse up close. For a time, I was completely overwhelmed with sickness during the fight. Fortunately, my companions were more able to resist than I.

We finally encountered a Drow living in these tunnels. It was the first time I’d ever come across one of these distant cousins of my Elf heritage. It was not a pleasant meeting. The battle was fierce but my friends and I prevailed.

And now? There are too many questions. Was Saul’s betrayal wrapped up with Drow business or did he just get in their way? Is this all tied in to the prophecy from that strange ranger who helped us fight off the ambush? We don’t know.

But I think it’s safe to say that if the Drow are up to something, then it will be ripe fodder for the blade of my god.

Trust No One

Things were going so smoothly.

There hadn’t been any major incidents since the big raid. Profits were up at the Goblin. And we were really doing some good by cleaning out some of the lowlife in this wretched city.

And then Saul sent us on an errand and almost got us killed again. But this time? This time, it was on purpose.

He sent us out to the Boneyard to interrupt a meeting between the crime bosses who had been causing trouble for Saul (and, by extension, us). But, when we got there, we discovered that the figures huddled around the fire having a “meeting” were merely dummies. The real attendees were some Wererats who were hiding there on Saul’s orders to kill us. Fortunately, there was an Elf who had also gone there to warn us and help us with the fight.

With Quabba’s aid, we quickly dispatched the Wererats and found the evidence of Saul’s betrayal, a coded message with his orders to kill us. Quabba let us rest the night in his camp and told us his story. He was sent to Riddleport to fulfill a prophecy relating to the “second darkness”, a calamity on a scale not seen since the Earthfall . He believes that he will be the “light” to this darkness. He’d been following Saul around at night because he thinks Saul might have something to do with the second darkness. I’m not clear on all the details because all I could really think about was Saul sending us into a trap*.

The next day, we went back to the Goblin to confront Saul and exact justice. The door was locked and our keys no longer worked, but Rosenstock easily picked the lock. Inside, we were met with pitched battle. Arrows rained from the rafters. Daggers from almost invisible foes struck. That little imp and I were locked in feverish combat. That would probably have been my end if the devil hadn’t gotten bored of hurting me. To be fair, accidentally being shot in the face by Jinx didn’t help either.

Fortunately, Old Scratch did eventually lose interest in our fight and vanished to whatever hellhole he came from.

Saul had fled to the basement. Booga and Rosenstock were following him, so Jinx and I ran to catch up. Saul opened a trapdoor in the floor of the so-called Rancor Pit. I tried to grab him to keep him from running any further, but he evaded me. For good measure he hit me some weapon that knocked me unconscious.

When I finally woke up, Saul was gone. The Goblin was empty.

And here we sit, trying to plan our next move.

But one thing is certain. I swear upon Iomedae’s Blade: I will find Saul. He will be punished for his treachery. And one more villain will be die upon my blade.

*[OOC: Skype was acting up and I didn’t manage to catch the entire story.]

There's An Ogre In The Basement
Another month has gone by at the Goblin

When I came to this light-forsaken city, I couldn’t have dreamed of the corruption that stood ready to be battled.

We spent some time continuing our investigation of the disappearance of our good friend Larur. We took something of a major misstep when we broke into Limus Smeed’s home, thinking that he was involved in the Larur’s fate. We found Larur’s bloodied coat in the garbage behind Smeed’s house, but after interviewing him, we’ve become convinced that he was framed. He was so terrified of us that he forgave Saul’s massive debt.

Though we were chasing the greater good, I can’t shake the idea that we took it too far in this instance. What’s the point of trying to be good in the world if your actions only increase the lawlessness? I’ve prayed deeply over this for weeks; and though I think I’ve gained Iomedae’s forgiveness, I haven’t yet gained my own.

My penance for those deeds seemed to come in the form of a massive tidal wave which washed several citizens out to sea. I myself was so burdened down by my armor that I (alongside Jinx) almost drowned. Fortunately, the quick actions of our other friends saved us. But I know in my heart that the terrror I felt under that cold water was but just deserts for my involvement at Smeed’s.

We could do nothing for the others citizens of Riddleport who were lost. I can’t help but mourn them, though I’m sure most of them were as vile as the other criminals in this town.

At the Goblin last night, things were ugly. We were assaulted by a veritable army of thugs. The fighting was intense and we barely won the day. Jinx almost died, and she almost certainly would have if it hadn’t been for the valiant efforts of Bojask. (He’s earned the nickname “Bojangles” from Rosenstock. It’s unclear how Bojask feels about this, which probably means that it doesn’t bother him. Much.)

We finally won that battle and captured the leader of the thugs, Jasker Gant. A massive half-orc, he doesn’t seem terribly bright and he’s refused to answer our questions. Though he’s not talking, we’re certain that the presence of half-orcs in the attack points to the involvement of crime lord Croat, who employes a large number of half-orcs. I’ve never seen him, but I believe I’ve heard rumor that he’s got some orc blood in him himself. I encouraged my friends to punish Jasker and let him go. I refused to allow them to execute him.

But ultimately, I was overruled and we’ve chained him up in the kennels in the basement. Perhaps that is just as well. There’s no real law to speak of in Riddleport; so we may as well play prison guards as well as judge, jury, and executioner. Still, it makes me uneasy. He almost killed Jinx once before. If he breaks free, I don’t know what will happen.

There were humans involved in that attack as well, however. That has to point towards Croat working with another crime lord. We don’t have any evidence for it, but I’m almost certain that Clegg Zincher has it in for Saul, the Gold Goblin, and my friends. That snake attack last month was too conveniently timed with his skulking about the Goblin.

When I can prove it, I’ll make certain that he pays dearly for his lawlessness.

Until then, I’ll simply keep working the day job, practicing with my blade, and trying to work on my swimming.

I’ve come so close to drowning once already. I don’t see any need to tempt fate in that regard.


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