Saul Vancaskerkin

Owner of the Gold Goblin


Introduced at the Gold Goblin event “Cheat the Devil, take his gold”, Saul Vacaskerkin is the owner of this establishment. When you first meet him he is opening the event while being flanked by two waitresses dressed as succubi. He is described as wearing a formal suit, his thinning black hair slicked back. His left arm ends in a stump just above the wrist, and affixed to it is a bronze cap with an oddly shaped key protruding from it.

After the events at the tournament Saul offers all of the PC’s a job as specialists and junior partners in the Gold Goblin.


Saul Vancaskerkin is a former retired gang leader from the old days of Riddleport. As he states matter-of-factually his life of crime was far from lucrative and in fact cost him his health, his fortune, his family, and of course his left hand. With his wife dead, his sons exiled, and most of his fortune gone, he took what meager funds he could scrape together and eventually purchased the Gold Goblin (itself a once famous gambling hall in Riddleport). He has tried to turn the Gold Goblin into a modestly profitable business venture, as he feels that he is too old to relocate or return to a life of crime.

He feels that he still has enemies amongst the city’s criminals who would love to see that the Gold Goblin is ruined.

Saul Vancaskerkin

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