Second Darkness

Something Fishy In The Tunnels

It seems that we own the Gold Goblin now. Or, at least as far as I can understand Riddleport’s bizarre property laws, Rosenstock owns the Gold Goblin since he’s in physical possession of the deed.

I don’t understand the law sometimes.

But there we are. After that terrible fight yesterday, we rested in the relative safely of the Goblin. Eventually, we made some strategic purchases from some nearby shops and decided to follow Saul through the trapdoor. He would undoubtedly have a sizable lead on us, but we might still have a chance to catch him and exact some justice. And if we found some more common criminals and smugglers down there? So much the better.

I feel I should mention that the stench in the wine cellar. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it was. It turns out that the answer was waiting for me below.

We explored the tunnels. We found Saul’s body next to a churning pool. It looks like something else claimed our justice. The pool might have provided some hints, but we left it alone.

We battled several troglodytes in the tunnels. It seems that these creatures are the source of the stench in the wine cellar; but it’s much worse up close. For a time, I was completely overwhelmed with sickness during the fight. Fortunately, my companions were more able to resist than I.

We finally encountered a Drow living in these tunnels. It was the first time I’d ever come across one of these distant cousins of my Elf heritage. It was not a pleasant meeting. The battle was fierce but my friends and I prevailed.

And now? There are too many questions. Was Saul’s betrayal wrapped up with Drow business or did he just get in their way? Is this all tied in to the prophecy from that strange ranger who helped us fight off the ambush? We don’t know.

But I think it’s safe to say that if the Drow are up to something, then it will be ripe fodder for the blade of my god.



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